Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 11 2017

Now that I’ve spent a few weeks in the plant here in Dover, I felt comfortable enough to start proposing changes relating to my Yellow Belt Project. Last week I was able to implement the first of them to my changeover process project. In the past, it took 24 hours to complete a full changeover wash in the bakery on the raw side and my target is to bring it down to 8 hours. You can imagine, dough can be quite hard to scrape off fully so that is why it has taken so long. Now we are adding more support in a condensed period of time and better tools to help the operators bring the changeover time down.

In the first attempt, it took 16 hours instead of the usual 24! This is a great cut but there is obviously still room for improvement. I’m continuing to figure out what tasks can be done externally while machines are running and what tasks can be done simultaneously to each other. With the support of the operators, we’re hoping to hit the 8 hour mark this next time and sustain it for all future changeovers!

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