Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 12 2017

I have been working at the Springfield plant for two months now and have begun implementing improvements for my materials management project. Last Monday, a trial was performed to observe a new process of moving one type of pasta product to bays within the plant and having the production lines pull from these bays. With this method, the trailers that were formerly used as a storage site for the pasta product are removed entirely from the process. The improvement was my first step in achieving my cost saving targets. Aside from this recent win, the north warehouse, bays throughout the plant, and trailer cycling are all areas that I plan to improve to reduce trailer usage. Along with my project, I am performing the duties associated with my role as the distribution supervisor for 2nd shift.

The city has also has had plenty to offer since I first arrived. Last week there were multiple events including the Japanese, Greek, and Mother’s brewery festivals. Lake County Soccer organizes soccer leagues throughout the year and I joined one of the indoor teams for the current season. One of the associates at the plant also told me about a nearby gym where he used to train in Muay Thai kickboxing. I went to the gym before the labor weekend and just finished my first full week of training with a retired pro. Overall, I am looking forward to getting my ideas implemented and enjoying more of the city!

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