Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 7 2017

After three weeks at the Newberry plant, things have really started to pick up, and I’m excited to dive into my role. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve learned about my Yellow Belt Project, been easing into my responsibilities as a Production Supervisor, and continuing to meet with managers and supervisors as part of the U-Tour onboarding program. As a Production Supervisor, I will be overseeing shifts on two of the turkey bacon slicing and packaging lines. I’ve really enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone involved with running the line. I want to spend time observing and participating where possible in all parts of the process for both shifts. This past week, I came in early to observe the line startup and participated in the daily stretches that the crew goes through to help prevent injuries. I plan to spend some time this coming week watching shift change, as well as line shutdown at the end of the day.

U-Tour has kept me busy, as well. With the other OMT here in Newberry, Christian, I’m meeting with 50+ people in management at the plant. I’ve learned a lot of information about every department that will be useful in my role moving forward. This week, we’ve focused on the primary processing area of the plant, even getting the opportunity to try out some of the messy and difficult jobs that the operators have mastered. Later this week, Christian and I will spend time on third shift with Sanitation to see their processes for cleaning the lines on both sides of the plant each night.

At the beginning of my second week, I was introduced to the Yellow Belt project that I would be taking on as part of the program. I will be working to improve the end-to-end yield of the two turkey bacon slicing and packaging lines that I also supervise. I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to operators and Line Techs to learn how each part of the process functions, as well as how important metrics are tracked. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be getting input from people in Quality, Continuous Improvement, Production, and Maintenance to help develop a plan for improvement.

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