Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 8 2017

I cannot believe that this is my 5th week at my plant in Garland, Texas. Since graduation in May from Penn State I have done so much, going to Chicago for a month and then moving to Dallas. I am in the LUNCHABLES department at Garland. I have been learning all about the different machinery on the lines and really soaking in a lot of information. My project deals with the yield and waste in LUNCHABLES. Reducing waste will make an impact on how much we can produce and the amount of materials we buy.

In addition to my project, I am being pre-op certified. Pre-op is after sanitation occurs and the lines are checked to make sure they are clean and ready for startup. This takes a series of shadowing, testing, and practicing to get certified. Another thing keeping me busy is the Future Leadership Development Program. This program is preparing me to take that role in the next couple of months by meeting with different managers and doing different tasks throughout the week. Overall, it has been a great time at the plant and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here in Texas!

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