Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 9 2017

As of this week, I have been in my role at the Champaign plant for a little over of a month. I work in the dinners department where we make KRAFT Blue Box mac and cheese, VELVEETA shells, and Deluxe mac and cheese dinners. My transition into the plant has been smooth thanks to all of the support here. My manager has been very helpful providing me with resources to succeed as well as being very responsive when I contact her compared to other managers I’ve had in the past at other companies.

My project deals with reducing changeover time and downtime on one of the lines. The supervisor on that line has been a great resource for information and help and acts as another manager for me. The last month I have been out on the line working with the operators and line techs asking them questions, giving suggestions, etc. Everyone out on the lines has been helpful in bouncing ideas off one another as well as progressing with my project. I’ve learned a lot this past month about how my department works from start to finish. I can’t wait to learn more as I continue to immerse myself in the process!

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