Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 1 2018

CMTP Cohort 2018

Jennifer Hill here signing-on as Week 1’s volunteer blog tribute. As a new-hire CMTP and returning intern, I could not be more excited to be back in the buzzing city of Chicago and the comparable never sleeping and always stirring, Aon Center.

In the past week, I have made 27 new trainee cohort friends, attended 25 presentations/speaker events, drank 22 vanilla lattes, finished a 15 piece city-wide scavenger hunt, played an 8-hour game of corporate CPG monopoly, mingled at 5 Trainee Meet & Greets, been shuffled around the office by 4 HR scheduling gurus, gone through 3 packs of “new shoes, new me” Band-Aids, and last, and far from least, met our 2 very charismatic leaders, CEO Bernardo Hees, and U.S. KHC President, Paulo Basilio, to complete 1 unforgettable on-boarding experience.

At Kraft Heinz, the combined culture of Ownership and Meritocracy drive employees at all levels to truly take charge of their career, development and experience – especially jumping-in from Week 1. In my first 7 days, I was exposed to extensive budgeting, Excel and market research training sessions; and from a mentorship perspective, I had coffee chats with executive leaders like Head of Brand Building & Innovation, Michelle St. Jacques, and Head of Springboard, Sergio Eleuterio.

But Kraft Heinz is about more than the 9-5 office routine and experience. Out of the office, I had the opportunity to participate in the LBGTQ Chicago Pride Parade and join the Women’s BRG (Business Resource Group). As someone who was actively involved in extracurricular organizations throughout my academic career, a leading reason why I chose Kraft Heinz was because of the encouraged support by Kraft Heinz to grow beyond your formal role to create a greater sense of community and family for yourself and those around you.

Pride Parade

All in all, I could not be happier to be back at Kraft Heinz and around employees so passionate about what they do every single day. I am excited to see what surprises and lessons the next 6 months of the trainee program will hold and the leadership opportunities that will arise within the BRG communities!

Favorite Quote of the Week: “Meritocracy means growing at your own pace. But our mission and values are simple – underpinning us all no matter how fast you move. Work hard, and work with high ethics, and you will succeed no matter what.” – Bernardo Hees

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