Business Development Trainee Program Week 1 2018

bridget 22Bridget Carlson checking in to give readers a glimpse at a Business Development Trainee’s first week on the job. As a recent University of Michigan graduate, I was eager to apply what I learned in my college classrooms to the promised growing opportunities of University Relations programs.  Through the interview process, I quickly became familiar with Kraft Heinz’s values of ownership and meritocracy, but I was not prepared for how readily these values would culminate in my own career.


This past week alone, the Business Development Program Trainees (BDPTs) have been gifted ample adventure, rich with valuable industry exposure. The Business Development Program is targeted at young professionals looking to begin a career in sales, yet Kraft Heinz’s dedication to fostering a well-rounded employee was apparent within the first day.  Trainees had the opportunity to meet the Vice President of US Zone Sales, Jim Frusciante, participate in an immersive walkthrough of all Business Units and the variety of ways in which products are marketed, and receive an immersive explanation of budgeting and the advantages of ownership in corporate finance.  Our week concluded with a trip to Kraft Heinz’s R&D Innovation Center in Glenview, where trainees had the opportunity to see Kraft Heinz operate outside the walls of the Aon Center.  Guided through the facility by Head of Breakthrough Innovation Derek Romeo, the BDPTs had a firsthand look at the genesis of Kraft Heinz products.  I am now aware that Kraft Heinz has professional taste testers, a job that seems incredibly enticing.


Trainees bonded quickly as a group outside of the workday as well. University Relations organized a Sunday night group dinner at Pizzeria Due, allowing some trainees their first taste of Chicago deep-dish pizza.  Later in the week we embarked on an Escape Room activity utilizing clues to solve a zombie mystery.  Luckily, we were able to escape the zombie and get to know one another a bit more along the way.  Finally, many of the trainees had the opportunity to see Kraft Heinz’s Planter’s Nutmobile ride in the Chicago Pride Parade last weekend. The float exhibited Kraft Heinz’s dedication to inclusion and equality through community engagement.


In my first week on the job, I have truly witnessed our mission come to life: to be the best food company, growing a better world. Be it in the people I have met or the work I have observed, Kraft Heinz is a company dedicated to differentiating itself through better everyday practices.  While it is only my first week, I can’t wait to see what more Kraft Heinz teaches me throughout the rest of my time in the Trainee Program and beyond.



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