Business Development Trainee Program Week 2 2018

It’s only been 1 week since I began working at Kraft Heinz as a Business Development Trainees and yet I feel like I’ve known my fellow cohorts for forever! Over the past few days our knowledge about the company and the industry at large has continued to grow incrementally. Early in the week, we started to learn about the analytics projects each of us will be working on throughout the next few months. By utilizing different services and data provided to us, we will be able to put together effective presentations that will be beneficial to the company’s overall objective: “To Be the Best Food Company, Growing a Better World”. We spent one of our das with a high-energy professional in customer management and personal development who taught us appropriate ways of communicating effectively and efficiently with a variety customers and helped improve our own skills all through open conversations, role play and group activities. Another fun moment was when we all received iPads that were fully loaded with beneficial apps and platforms that would allow us to accomplish goals while performing different duties. After spending ample time dissecting each of them and learning how to best utilize each app, everyone felt a lot more confident with our day-to-day operations. Speaking of which, we spent a portion of one day doing in-store walks led by a former trainee. This connected all of the steps of the process we learned together and allowed us to apply them to what we would do in stores. This answered any remaining questions we may have had about our in-stores tasks.


My Business Development cohort also spent a great deal of time together outside of the office as well! Each day seemed like a new adventure for us as we looked at different opportunities to get to know each other. We headed over to a spinning studio on Monday night for an intense, music-filled workout that left all of us very sweaty-who would’ve guessed that pedaling on a stationary bike could be so much fun? On Tuesday night we decided to go to a White Sox game, which also happened to be $1 hot dog night, where we supported our company by going through plenty of Heinz Mustard and Relish! We enjoyed getting to know each other and learning what each of us is passionate about, all while watching the Sox win. On the last night we would all be together before most of us leave town, we went out to dinner where we enjoyed delicious Italian food. Following dinner, we headed to a local Ping Pong and game room where we had a great time playing and joking around. We started our final day in the HQ by helping pack 20,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief organization that is trying to end hunger by 2030. This was one of the most valuable moments of the past 2 weeks, especially realizing that Kraft Heinz is a company that not only invests heavily in its customers, but in its employees and the world at large. Everyone in the Business Development Program is so fortunate to be working for a company that is focused on growing a better world, and we are looking forward to heading to our In-Store Placement locations for the next 5 months to do our part! I’ll be heading to Orlando where I am overjoyed to be living in such an exciting city with so many opportunities available for me to excel in!Michael Havkins Blog week 2


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