Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 2 2018

The second week of the MMT program focused on the daily operations of the plant and began after a Friday visiting the Glenview R&D facility. We tried on arthritis gloves to see how difficult it is to open certain types of packaging.  It was really eye-opening to see all the different aspects of product development, from packaging to sensory tests!


The following Monday, the cohort was split into two different groups. We were sent to divide and conquer four different plants—Muscatine, Cedar Rapids, Kendallville, and Holland.  I visited the plants in Muscatine and Cedar Rapids.  Muscatine produces sauces like ketchup, gravy, and Worcestershire sauce.  Cedar Rapids makes soup, lots and lots of soup!  They were two different experiences that imparted a lot of good knowledge and made us think about how to approach situations when we get to our plants! We met with multiple supervisors ranging from production, quality, maintenance, continuous improvement, sanitation, and HR to get a snapshot on how both plants were run. In addition to learning about their roles and tasks with the company, we also had a chance to walk the lines and job shadow the operators during production.

From getting lost in cornfields to celebrating birthdays and belting out Disney songs in the car, the trip was a lot of fun and really great for bonding with the other trainees! The road trip was well worth it and we ended the week by participating in a Rise Against Hunger meal packing event!  We packed over 20,000 meals in a couple of hours while listening to music and racing against other teams in some friendly competition!

Our second weekend in Chicago was spent going to the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Shedd Aquarium, lots of restaurants, and so much more! So far training has been filled with lots of information and a ton of great friends and experiences!

KETCHUP with us next week to learn more about our Lean Six Sigma training!Week 2 Blog Claire Dang

Claire Dang


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