Business Development Trainee Program- Week 3

After two weeks of training in Chicago the 13 BDTP’s went to different cities across the country. Some of my colleagues stayed in Chicago while others went to Boston, Pittsburgh, and Orlando. Charrae as well as Julie, Preston, and myself came out to New Jersey. This week was designated to take the knowledge and information that we learned in Chicago and apply it in the stores. My group was fortunate enough to train with two different in-store partners and our associate manager. We got to see first hand how to manage the thousands of Kraft Heinz products in the stores, how to use displays to drive incremental sales, and how we can utilize our relationships with store managers to get more displays of Kraft Heinz products in store

Kraft Heinz is the first Consumer Packaged Goods company I have worked for so I have a lot of questions, but my team has a lot of tools in place to answer any questions. The first of which is our morning sales call. Our morning sales call allows the entire sales team to be on the same page, which is very important since we work remote. Our associate manager leads these calls by providing the In-Store Partners key information about Kraft Heinz and the stores we will be working in. We briefly go over the plan and objectives for each in store partner for the day as well as any questions, concerns, or triumphs from the previous day. Additionally, there is a group chat where we share best practices and pictures of display. Sharing pictures of these displays used in other stores is an effective way to get your point across and gain the trust of your manager. Finally, I can reach out to my manager, my buddy for the week, or my cohorts for any help.


It is common to be a little nervous when starting something new; however, thanks to all these different resources I feel confident going into my stores this upcoming week. Overall, I am very thankful and excited for this opportunity and will do everything I can to make Kraft Heinz the best food company, growing a better world.

John Andraschko

John Andraschko Blog 3

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