Manufacturing Management Trainee Program- Week 3

We’ve just wrapped up the third week of the Manufacturing Management Trainee Program! This week was very involved for us as we were in yellow belt training each day. In the Lean Six Sigma program, there are different levels or “belts” that can be achieved through training and implementation of the tools through projects. As MMTs, we will be awarded our yellow belt (the second level) at the end of the program if our projects successfully utilize the tools we’ve gained through this training. Our Lean Six Sigma trainer, Rodrigo, taught us just about everything we will need to know to be successful in the projects assigned to us at our respective plants. We learned about tools like 5S, a way to integrate good housekeeping practices into our plants, as well as value stream maps to outline current processes and identify areas of improvement. During the training, we were involved in a variety of different activities to experience the effects of these tools first hand. They included a process line simulation where we streamlined the process of putting stickers on paper (which was a lot more stressful than it sounds), as well as doing a case study on the process efficiencies of an air freshener manufacturer.

Although this week was full of training, we had a break in the middle on Wednesday for the Fourth of July! Our cohort celebrated by spending the day at Ohio St. Beach, eating hotdogs and playing in the lake. At night, a large group of us went to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks show. It was going well until the finale included thunder, lightning and of course a torrential downpour! As you can imagine, we were drenched by the time we made it back to our hotel, but it’s a funny memory we will all look back on, I’m sure.

We ended the week with a fancy Italian dinner and we are looking forward to our last week together in Chicago! KETCHUP with us next week!

Lauren Coughlin

Lauren Couhglin MMTP Blog Week 3


One thought on “Manufacturing Management Trainee Program- Week 3

  1. Hello, my name is Jessica, and I’m an employee of this company. I want to contact someone about the manufacturing management trainee program. Would you email me the information. Thanks


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