Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 4

Our last week of training in Chicago was certainly an adventure! For the first few days, we regrouped with the Corporate trainees for an overview of operations and logistics.  It was very eye-opening to see all the work and different pieces of the puzzle that come together to produce our products!Monica Pfeffer MMTP Week 4

On Tuesday evening, Operations hosted a happy hour in Millennium Park for the Manufacturing and Corporate trainees. This give us the opportunity to network and to get more specific information about what they do.  The rest of the week consisted of more detailed overviews of manufacturing for each food type, and our month of training ended with a management simulation.  The simulation helped us better understand different management techniques and how to be good managers at our plants.

Outside of work, we saw a comedy show at The Second City and spent a lot of time sitting on the outdoor terrace of our temporary housing complex, taking in the views and sounds of the city. We also went to Taste of Chicago on Wednesday where we got the full Chicago food experience.  We tried everything from the classic deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs to mustard fried catfish and, my personal favorite, fried alligator!

As our month of training drew to an end, we got excited for the new opportunities that we would have as we transition into our plants over the upcoming week. Our time training in Chicago was filled with learning information about this wonderful company, and I was happy to have such a great cohort to bond and explore the city with.  Overall, it was a very unique experience that will help us immensely in the rest of our careers!

KETCHUP with us next week to learn about our first week at the plants!

Monica Pfeffer


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