Business Development Trainee Program 2018 Week 4

Anna Tovar here reporting from the beautiful sunshine state! Week four of the BDTP Program has just ended, and I couldn’t be more excited for the rest of my journey as a trainee to continue. I recently graduated from the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. WOO PIG. My studies there included International Business, Marketing, and Spanish. I had the opportunity to study abroad in multiple countries including Mozambique, South Africa, and Mexico, where I applied what I learned to real world settings. Outside of school I was a member of the women’s ultimate-frisbee team and enjoyed kayaking and hiking in the numerous state parks around Northwest Arkansas.

This week we started calling on our stores as In-Store Sales Partners. In-Store Sales Partners help with the execution of our sales plans through merchandising, selling, and managing distribution in a specific territory, mine being the Greater Orlando area. I will be calling on several different stores within my territory for the next five months. My focus while in stores has been establishing relationships with the different store managers so that I can build rapport.

Michael and I have been exploring our new home over the past couple of days. We went to play a game of frisbee-disc tossing where we made some new friends. We also went to Gatorland, the “alligator capital of the world.” We have plans to visit all of the main attractions such as Universal Studios, and of course Disney World. I am eager for all that is to come in the next couple of months, and could not be happier to work for the best food company, growing a better world!

Anna Tovar BDTP Week 4 pic

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