Business Development Trainee Program 2018- Week 6

Caterina Bonmassar BDTP Week 6

It has been an exciting experience beginning our journey in the Business Development Trainee Program and working remotely with Anna in the Greater Boston Area! Since I am originally from Massachusetts, I have been looking forward to the opportunity to explore new parts of the Boston area that I had not been familiar with before. We have each had the chance to explore various communities in the Boston area, and had the opportunity to experience the city’s cuisine, Red Sox games, and famous tourist destinations. A few weeks ago, we were fortunate to have excellent training days in Connecticut and Boston that helped us transition into our in-store partner roles. As we just completed our third week in stores, I have started to build relationships with store managers, learn about how they run their businesses, and understand how our products perform in each of my stores.

This week, we also had our team monthly meeting at a Workbar in Danvers where we participated in team bonding activities, shared information about the different store banners, and learned how to be a successful in-store sales partner. It has been such a great opportunity meeting everyone in the Boston team and learning from their experiences and hearing their advice. Additionally, in the spirit of growing a better world and giving back to the community, the team is also planning a volunteer day. We will be volunteering at the Wish Project, which is an organization in Lowell where we will be helping with distributing and sorting items in a warehouse for those in need. I am excited for the next few months to learn more about the company, the in-store sales team, and my stores!


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