Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 6 2018

Hello! Jake Klein here to round out the final week of training: Sales Week!

We kicked off the week learning about KraftHeinz’s different customers throughout the U.S. Learning about our retail partners and their strategies was important to finishing up our education. We realized that customer intricacies need to be understood within each function because the value chain needs to be slightly tailored to each account.

This week was also the BIG reveal week! We all learned each other’s first project assignments in a dramatic fashion, and everyone was incredibly supportive of one another. I was assigned to Foodservice Marketing, and I can’t wait to start on Monday.

On Tuesday, instead of reporting to Aon in the morning, we were split up into groups to go through an In-Store Partner (ISP) walk. We were trained by a former ISP, and he showed us the ropes of what a day in the life is like. After viewing displays, looking at product on shelf and brainstorming new merchandising strategies, we talked about how important it was to have ISPs to execute on our merchandising. Without these valuable people in the store, the marketing strategies we learned about wouldn’t have half the impact that they do.

group photo

Next, we sent it to our sales office visits! Half of us traveled to beautiful Northwestern Arkansas to visit our friends at Walmart, and the other half (myself included) went to Cincinnati to visit the Kroger office. While there we learned about many things, but my favorite was category leadership. Category leadership is leveraging consumer data about a product category to create selling stories to each specific retailer. Whether the reasoning be that our products are the best (which they are), or if we see an opportunity to grow the category for all brands, the end goal is to get more Kraft Heinz product in stores.

Sales week was an exciting week to finish out our training, and I can’t wait to start my 1st project rotation on Monday. Although the next eight weeks will be exciting, I’m going to miss seeing all 27 of my best friends every day!

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