Business Development Trainee Program Week 7 2018

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to be sharing Week 7 of the Business Development Training Program experience. My name is Charrae Priester a Howard University Alumna and native of Ridgeland, SC. I am currently a proud member of the Central, NJ team supporting the North Brunswick, Edison, and Somerset territory.  This week has been a very exciting week fueled by the motivation of last week’s team meeting.

Last week’s team meeting was held in sunny Philadelphia and included in addition to our team the South Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia Teams. The meeting began with a fun and exciting meal packing event where we got a chance to put a chip in the 1 Billion Meal Challenge. Afterwards, we met to discuss best practices across various retailers and In Store Partner success stories to include Top Merchandising Execution, Gap Solving, and Power Window Domination. My key takeaways from this experience were to take the initiative and the importance of having a vision. Having a vision in store includes being able to plan ahead, execute well, and focus on categories that grow the business for that store.

With that in mind, I began Monday morning with a refreshed perspective and a mission to be an even better partner to stores I support. I learned a lot whether it was from the grocery stocker at a store showing me the best merchandising execution with a Cheez Whiz display or the dairy manager at another store showing me proper cooler maintenance for our refrigerated displays.

Charrae Priester Week 7 BDTP Blog PhotoNext, I created my first sell in with my Co-Manager which included 5 Bunker Displays in a grocery store to create even more meal solutions for consumers. Meal solutions include Heinz Ketchup and Hot Dogs or Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon and Eggs. But more importantly I am excited to continue to work with store personnel in closing out of stocks and distribution voids to make sure that when consumers want our beloved brands they are there. I am very eager for the next few months and could not be happier working for the best food company, growing a better world.


Charrae Priester

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