Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 8 2018

Hey everybody & welcome to the week 8 blog from yours truly, Sarah Lyons! For our second week in rotations, everyone started to settle into their new roles and get more comfortable with their projects. For me, I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can because my placement on the cheese procurement team is brand new to me. I studied chemical engineering at Ohio State and my background is in R&D, so I have had plenty of questions to ask my team to get up to speed. Luckily I had a great opportunity to learn as I got to travel with my team to Wisconsin to do a cheese tour (and yes it was as awesome as it sounds).

Monday through Wednesday we visited 4 different plants in Wisconsin to learn more about the cheese that we use here at Kraft Heinz. We got to see the cheese making process from fresh milk being delivered from the farm all the way to finished products getting loaded on trucks to be sent to our warehouses and customers. It’s a good thing that I’m a big fan of cheese because we sampled a ton of varieties on our tours. After work, we maximized the cheesiness by trying local cheese curds and visiting a cheese castle.pic-1.jpg

Getting back from the tours, I had a whole new set of questions and tasks to move my project forward. It makes a huge difference to see how a product is made because you understand the little details that can be hard to picture sitting in the office. Some of the other trainees have also gone on visits in their new roles!

Alec Imaizumi is on the consumer insights team and visited a consumer testing facility.

“I was able to observe focus groups explore and analyze concepts for new products.  It was great to see the predictions the team had and see which were confirmed and which were misaligned, leading the team in a totally new direction for some products!”

Meagan Yeh is working in R&D and visited the Springfield plant.

“During my visit to Springfield for a plant trial, I was struck by their willingness to help. From plant managers to production supervisors to line leader and line workers everybody was eager to help make our trial a success despite the interruption to their daily operations.”

Ian Kirk is working in indirect procurement and visited the Granite City Plant.

“I went to the home of Capri Sun and Kool Aid Jammers. It was valuable to see and understand the manufacturing process to find efficiencies throughout the plant and identify opportunities to drive savings.”

Colleen Green is working in marketing brand build and has visited creative and media agencies.

“The main thing I have learned is the importance of clear communication with our agency partners. Being clear about background, expectations, and deliverables improves company efficiencies and betters our relationship with our agency partners.”

That sums up what a few of us have been working on this week, but some of us also joined a sand volleyball league for fun outside of work. Week one we sadly put three losses on the record, but stay tuned for the rest of the season and hopefully we’ll get better with practice!


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