Business Development Trainee Program 2018- Week 9

BDTP week 9 bridget pic

Hi all, Bridget Carlson writing in on behalf of the Business Development Trainees to give readers a glimpse into how our program has progressed since its kickoff in June.   The Business Development Trainees (BDTP) have been with Kraft Heinz for just over two months, but our excitement for the role has far from lessened.  This past week, Trainees experienced our first big checkpoint: a presentation of our HQ project initial findings.


During training, the BDTP role is divided into two major parts: an In-Store Partner role and an HQ data analytics project.  The In-Store Partner (ISP) role allows Trainees a granular look at Kraft Heinz sales, or more specifically what is happening within our company on a store-by-store basis.  We work to represent Kraft Heinz products within major grocery chains.


The latter responsibility, our HQ project, consists of monthly check-ins with the Kraft Heinz Sales Analytics team.  These check-ins are based upon an assigned workbook containing questions tailored to familiarize Trainees with third-party market research software programs.  In these check-ins, we condense a plethora of data into a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation on our findings.  The data we pull is based on the workbook questions and our assigned banners.  Banners were appointed based on geography; my banner is a large Chicago-based grocery chain.  The workbooks help guide our deep dive into Kraft Heinz’s product data, but Trainees are left up to their own devices to form conclusions off of this data.


The exposure Trainees are gaining to the company’s sales processes is invaluable.  The experience familiarizing ourselves with the ISP role will benefit the rest of our careers immensely and our data analytics project only further cements this understanding.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Business Development Trainees!


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