Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 11

As I approach two months here at Planter’s Suffolk location, I’ve gotten to know the team and operators well. My “work family” has been more than welcoming, and I’m feeling very at home here. Every week presents new challenges and learning opportunities that we face together. Last week the FDA was here, and we hosted a Beverages and Snack Nuts (BSN) summit. Both were incredible learning opportunities for me.

My yellow belt project focuses on increasing Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and/or General Efficiency (GE) on 3 flexible packaging lines. I got a chance to sit down with the Director of Manufacturing for BSN as well as with our Lean Six Sigma instructor, Rodrigo, to get feedback and to discuss some other areas of opportunity. Both shared helpful insights and general support. Because these lines run well already, the main area of opportunity that I have identified is in reducing changeover time. A project to standardize cases should make a good dent in the time required for changeover. I’m also looking at ways to reduce seasoning buildup to eliminate cleaning pit stops. The project has challenged me to think outside of the box and question the “way things have always been” which has been extremely engaging and rewarding.

After work I’ve been spending most of my time at a nearby gym where I’ve made several friends or relaxing and cultivating a tan at one of several beaches in the area. My central east coast location also made for a quick trip to Atlanta for Labor Day and a short drive to Annapolis for a navy game next weekend.


KETCHUP with us next week as lean into Six Sigma!

Madi Bunker

MMTP Week 11 Photo

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