Manufacturing Management Trainee Program Week 10

MMTP Scott Week 10 pic 1This is now the fourth week of my training program at the Maxwell House location in downtown Jacksonville, and boy does time fly! This Facility is the sole producer of the Maxwell House Coffee and its premium coffee product lines such as Gevalia, meaning every product that a consumer brews originated from this factory. We take in more than 5 million pounds of green coffee a week and roast it all into the various blends and grinds consumers love


I am currently working on a six sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) project surrounding packaging optimization and line time utilization. I need to make sure all the coffee that is ground for each different product run makes it into a can, and we don’t waste any coffee or cans. This means I must understand the entire production run thoroughly, specifically the end of the runs, where the last bit of coffee must be packaged in the remaining few cans.

My current Define/Measure phase of my project has me “living” on the packaging floor, following the process flow and understanding how each green bean that enters the factory eventually ends up in a coffee can. I document each production run I can, focusing on every step we take when we end a product run or switch over to a new product. The experience the packaging employees have is invaluable, and I constantly learn new information each time I talk with someone. I’ve had to come into work at some late hours to observe the ends of product runs, but it just gives me more opportunities to learn how the different shifts finish production runs or change over to new products.MMTP Scott Week 10 pic 2


Outside of work, I am exploring Jacksonville and everything the surrounding area has to offer. My hometown is a suburb of Chicago, so the Florida weather is a bit of a culture shock, but its proximity to vacation destinations is a huge plus. Last weekend, I visited Sea World Orlando with some friends as a day trip, and we are planning a trip to Disney World since they’re both so close. In town, I’ve been trying local restaurants each week and visiting all the sights and events Jacksonville has to offer.


Thanks for checking in to see how we’ve BEAN doing, and don’t forget to KETCHUP with us next week to hear even more about our projects!

MMTP Scott Week 10 pic 3

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