Manufacturing Management Trainee Program 2018- Week 8

This week I continued by learning the processes within the Garland facility. I have been running the BBQ meetings in the morning during which we go over the previous day’s performance, first hour efficiencies, and add items to the rail. Anthony and I update the Scorecard daily, brought over from our new manager, which is used to track overall performance and measure each shift based off a specific metric.


With regards to my project I have been working on reducing overtime in the plant. I have been working with the coordinators to identify an optimal scheduling method. I created an Excel spreadsheet to create an automated process for scheduling all lines. This schedule includes sanitation personnel, overtime hours, cross training, etc. Before the shift leads were the only ones with the knowledge of who is cross trained on which pieces of equipment. To make scheduling easier and to improve cross training initiatives, I talked to each shift lead and made a list of people who are cross trained. The goal for the plant is to have multiple people who know how to work each piece of equipment during each shift on each line.

Additionally, I have been trying to start tracking waste at the plant. Our new CI manager has also identified potential projects to start and has given me the responsibility of trying to identify which pieces of equipment would benefit most from center lining again and prioritizing projects in order of importance/benefits.

Aside from work, I’m having a lot of fun in Garland. I live in Dallas and there’s always something to do every weekend. I went to a Rangers game this week, rode electric scooters around the art district, and did free yoga in the park. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the city and have finally gotten used to the 100 degree weather!


KETCHUP with us next week!


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