Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 11 2018

Helen and Courtney checking in for Week 11 of the Corporate Management Trainee Program!  We live together along with another Trainee in Lake View – an area that is very popular for young adults new to the city! The three of us are all engineers and you can often find us debriefing on the couch after work or exploring the city.

Numerous other people in the program also live in this area, which makes meeting up after work and on weekends extremely easy, not that it’s hard to get around the city with public transit!  Several other Trainees also live together across Chicago; this both makes the transition from university to new, big city a little easier and has created even more community within our Cohort.

We are both working in Operations with different teams.  Because Kraft Heinz is so cross functional, our projects often involve us bouncing ideas and sharing contacts with each other.  We as a company are very data driven, but often the hardest part is finding the correct data and figuring out what it means for your project and for the company as a whole.  Additionally, relationship management is absolutely essential in driving results.  Speaking with other Trainees on Floor 73, the importance of having both is evident.

Margot Zuckerman – “We are such a data driven company. But, no data is perfect – there is always gaps that you have to recognize and work with. I didn’t realize how much my own insight would come into play when making seemingly small day to day choices.”

Chandler Bollman – “Relationships are everything. Every interaction with our copackaging suppliers, I have to think about maintaining and building those relationships. ”

Helen Park – I’ve been working with our Supply Chain and Waste Management Teams. So far, I have developed new connections with donation partners, who accept our products and bring them to soup kitchens, food banks, and food rescue groups. Working hand in hand with groups across the country has proved super rewarding! I also am currently organizing new, more sustainable disposal methods for our waste streams. Its cool that I am actually using my chemical engineering background to design methods for biodigestion and composting, and it’s quite fulfilling to feel like I’m helping Kraft Heinz reach its sustainability goals!

Courtney Callahan – My project in Inventory Control deals with automating how we gather information to track the performance and health of our warehouses.  I’ve been working with several of our sites across the network to both understand how we collect the data and what impact it has on the company.  While my project will create a more reliable and accurate means of pulling and tracking these key metrics, it also has a huge impact on the productivity and commitments of individuals across our network.

quarter zips peanut man

In addition to our initial training on different areas of the company, many of us recently got trained for recruiting for our University Programs! We are extremely excited to be on the other side of the table to find Owners for our future 2019 Trainee and Intern Cohorts!  We’ll be sporting our new quarter zips shown below, so look out for us on your campus if you want to share in our vision “To Be the Best Food Company, Growing a Better World.”

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