Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 12 2018

Hello everybody, it’s Kristina here and welcome to week 7 of our first rotations! To introduce myself, I went to Harvard University and studied Economics, and I’m doing my first rotation in Category Marketing for Shelf Stable Meals and Sides looking at room for growth in our pricing architecture strategy of our Mac and Cheese portfolio. While it’s been a steep learning curve, it’s been truly amazing to reflect upon how much I’ve learned and grown over the course of training and this first project. A highlight of my rotation was definitely going to Glenview, our R&D facility, to try 20 different types of Mac and Cheese (Kraft Mac’s taste is superior by far).

Since next week is our final week of our first rotations, work is definitely ramping up this week with many of us working to gather as much data as possible to finish our project deliverables. Some of us are starting to put together our final presentation slides, and it’s been really cool to see some of the work that my fellow trainees have been doing over the past two months. For example, my fellow trainee Kevin Song, working with eCommerce Sales, has been working on a couponing strategy to connect digital programs to in store sales, and Katie Notarangelo, working in Revenue Management, has been analyzing the financial efficiencies of promotional strategies for all products in our grocery portfolio. We’re all really excited to hear everyone’s final report outs in a week and a half!


This past Friday was also a ton of fun because I got to travel with my fellow trainee Kevin back on campus for a career fair! At the career fair, fellow intern Kristin Hong was also there to help share the exciting experiences we’ve had at the company this summer with prospective interns and trainees. It’s crazy to think that we ourselves were in their shoes only a year ago. It was fun see some of our old friends, and we’re excited to continue to be involved in the university recruiting process going forward.  Stay tuned to hear more about our project report outs and leadership training weeks!

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