Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 13 2018

Hi all! Cassie Jensen signing on for week 13 of the Corporate Management Trainee Blog. This has been the 8th and final week of our first rotations so we are all preparing for report-outs early next week. I know everyone in my cohort is excited to hear about what our friends have accomplished!

I have had the privilege of working on the Learning and Development team within the Human Resources function here at Kraft Heinz. As a University of Illinois graduate who studied bioengineering with a minor in technology and management, I knew a role in Learning and Development would force me out of my comfort zone. While I had stepped into a world that I had no formal education in and very little experience with, I was ready to learn more about education in a corporate setting. The Learning and Development team oversees the selection, development, and deployment of learning initiatives that drive the company’s goal “To Be the Best Food Company, Growing a Better World”. It’s incredible to see how well-tailored our Learning Academies are to the development of employees in all roles and functions and it has been fascinating to learn more about how learning happens.

My project is centered around creating a new manager curriculum. As a result, I have gotten to learn about the process of curriculum development from top to bottom. Since my project impacts a global population, I have been able to talk with people in each of our Zones around the world to hear their input and experiences regarding being a manager. Even though I have been reaching out to people who I have never spoken with, nearly all of them respond enthusiastically and excited to share their thoughts with me. It has been incredible to see that a passion of continuous improvement exists across the company, as well as a support system that extends around the globe.

I was also able to return to my alma mater this week to participate in an information session. It was awesome to see students so excited about the Corporate Management Trainee Program as well as hear from some leaders within the company. I enjoyed getting to share my experiences working “in a company full of problem solvers” as well as talking to students about their own passions and excitement to contribute. In only a few short months, we will have a new trainee cohort full of owners ready to join in on the fun!

Career fair UiCassie + Allison UI

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