Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 14 2018

Thanks for stopping by the Kraft Heinz CMTP blog! I’m Karishma and I’m really excited to share with you all what we have been keeping busy with in Week 14.

After wrapping up our individual projects for our first rotations, we all got together again in our trusty training room to share our projects with each other and our University Relations team. While I was excited to share my processes for developing a pipeline of new products for key brands like Crystal Light and MiO, I was more excited to learn about different functions–from Operations to HR–from my peers.

I had an idea as to what most of my fellow Trainees’ projects were, but it was really impressive to learn the details of what everyone was able to achieve in just 8 short weeks. Hearing everyone’s achievements and seeing everyone present so confidently reminded me just how remarkable this group of young people truly is.

After presentations, the whole cohort treated ourselves to delicious Mexican fare, followed by an activity at a local improv theater. If you know how loud and outgoing I can be, you might be surprised to hear that I actually don’t like being the center of attention, and so I was very nervous about making a fool of myself at this activity — I know I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

Those fears quickly evaporated as soon as we began the day and we all had a blast playing different improv games! Given how tight knit our cohort was, we were not at all afraid to get up on stage and belt our lyrics of a song or pretend to be a dog choking on its food.

ImprovAnd of course, there was a purpose to this excursion: we were able to extract different communication tactics that can be aid in our success at Kraft Heinz. Our IO leader reminded us to say “yes yes yes yes yes” as a way to continuously support our peers.

For the rest of this week and the following, we will have to opportunity to get trained in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt program, which includes skills that I am excited to develop.

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