Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 15 2018

Leadership and development week has shifted into full gear for the corporate trainees as the entire week has been focused on methodologies. A comprehensive range of useful tools was introduced, from PDCA to Lean Six Sigma training. We’re currently in the heart of yellow belt training and now more than ever, the uniqueness of the trainee program is dawning on me. This week has been exceptionally eye-opening, drawing to attention the closure of our first projects and the emergence of the second. With this upcoming shift in roles, the atmosphere remains jovial, but masks an undercurrent of both excitement and anxiety as we anticipate new challenges and learnings. It’s in this time that our perspectives are realigned and centered as my trainees and I share the same space – aggregating eight weeks of cross-function experience. Everyone has been brought back together and unified by training designed to enable us for the future. It’s a happy time.


This Lean Six Sigma training incorporates different aspects of problem solving, equipping us with mindsets, frameworks and analytical skills to tackle any challenge, regardless of difficulty. Rodrigo, our instructor, has been supportive and attentive. Apparently, he has been training previous trainee classes and I’m sure he’ll continue to do so in the future. He teaches frameworks that are appropriate and applicable, detailing helpful use-cases for our next rotational project. I can envision using these skills. Even if I don’t directly apply these tools, learning about “Kaizen,” or continuous improvement (business tool), has restructured my thinking. Perhaps it means I’m still a student at heart, which is one of the greatest attributes for trainees translating to personal growth, curiosity and efficiency.



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