Business Development Trainee Program 2018 Week 12

BDTP Week 12 pic Julie.jpg


Hi Everyone! My name is Julie Keighley, writing to you from the Parsippany, NJ office. I’m a recent graduate of Clemson University, and I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. I became a part of the North New Jersey team in early July and I now support Bergen County as an In-Store Partner.

Living in Northern New Jersey has given me the opportunity to explore somewhere new every weekend. This past weekend I took a short train ride into New York City to watch the Clemson vs. Texas A&M football game with fellow Clemson alumni (Go Tigers!).

Last week my team got together at our monthly meeting to share our best practices for the Labor Day power window and discuss how we were performing as a team. To celebrate the football season kicking off last weekend, some of my teammates wore their favorite teams’ jerseys.

Last Monday was Labor Day, a busy and exciting time as an In-Store Partner and Business Development Trainee. I focused on incremental sales and building displays that would drive the sales of our products in my stores. Over the past couple of months, I’ve taken my learnings from in stores and applied it to the HQ project I’ve been working on during my time in this program. Each week I face challenges and learn how to overcome them, and I can’t wait to see where the next few months in the Business Development Trainee Program will take me!

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