Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 16 2018

Hello everyone!  My name is Julia Siegel, and welcome to Week 16 of the Corporate Management Trainee Program!

As a devoted reader of the CMTP’s blog, you are well-aware that we as CMT’s are currently in somewhat of a transitional period: shifting from our first rotation to training to, now, our second rotation.  Since presenting our first rotation’s projects a few weeks back, the trainees have been busy learning the intricacies of credible presenting, the skills of an effective manager, and the importance of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.  And, now, with the last of training completed, Rotation 2 has officially kicked off!

For my first rotation, I was on the O, That’s Good! team working on creating customized customer sell-in templates for a new product launching in April.  I learned about customer relations, sales strategy, and, perhaps most shocking to my Political Science background, how to navigate market research databases and Excel to effectively tell a story using data.  I cannot wait to see the product I worked on hit shelf!

Now, for rotation 2, I support category marketing for the Shelf Stable Meals and Sides team.  My project focuses on creating a meals licensing innovation plan for 2020 and beyond.  So, if you have any great ideas for mac and cheese shapes, let me know!

In addition to starting on our new teams this week (during Monthly Performance Reviews no less), myself and fellow trainee Erin had the opportunity to spend some time at the University of Chicago, my alma matter, to help recruit the next class of trainees and interns!

Recruiting at UChicago was an incredibly surreal experience.  Having been in their shoes not even a year ago, it was hard not to empathize with the students working to navigate their potential career paths. Yet, I was thrilled to see how excited so many UChicago students were about Kraft Heinz – they loved the company, the culture, and, of course, the Easy Mac giveaways we had to at the table!

All in all, an incredibly busy, wonderful week!

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