Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 17 2018

Welcome to Week 17 of the CMTP Blog! We’re now a little over a week into our second project rotation, and we’re already seeing the impacts of our work on our teams. The trainees also just wrapped up on-campus recruiting with University Relations, and we are all impatiently waiting to meet the interns and trainees who will start next year.

My second project rotation is with the logistics capabilities team in supply chain, creating forward-looking plans to make sure all our products are in the right locations across the country without overfilling any of our warehouses. Right now, the supply chain team is getting ready for the big Thanksgiving sales push, so get ready to see lots of STOVETOP stuffing and HEINZ gravy in your grocery stores soon! The supply chain team is a great place to be; we play soccer together on Monday nights, there is always someone bringing in homemade snacks, and we even have themed Fridays!

The trainees are also planning to make this year the best Kraft Heinz Halloween yet—more to come on those festivities soon!



Team photo

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