Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 18 2018

Hi all, this is Arthur and Kevin and welcome to the CMTP blog! We’re coming to the end of our 3rd week of our final rotation and we can tell that all of us are becoming well versed with the business. We are already hearing about results being delivered from many of the trainees, whether its creating marketing tools or providing category recommendations. The level of comfort compared to our first rotations is noticeably higher and we are excited to see everyone’s final output.

Kevin: My task this rotation is to improve 2019 merchandising strategies for the Velveeta cheese and grated parmesan businesses.

Arthur: I was placed in Category Finance under the Refreshment Beverages team. My time on this rotation has been spent on my official project, developing tools to be used in 2019 and helping on AOP planning, which has been an amazing exposure for such a crucial process of the company. Sadly, AOP ends on October, yet I’m excited to find out what new routines and rituals I will be responsible for in the next month.

Halloween is also coming up, which is huge here at Heinz. As trainees, we are broken down in groups of 4 to 5 and assigned a floor, being responsible to choose a theme and decorate the floor’s entrance. We are pretty excited with our floors as we are certain one of them will win. Kevin’s floor theme is Carnival Freak Show, with several carnival games and crazy costumes being prepared by the Ops. team. Arthur’s floor theme is Hallowieners: From Farm to Shelf, in which a spooky representation of an Oscar Mayer production line is being planned. Bernardo is very into Halloween, therefore trainees are giving their all to impress.


Arthur and Kevin


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