Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 19 2018

Hello CMTP fans! Welcome to week 19 of our program, from the beautiful Innovation Center in Glenview!

This week we have had a lot of events going on. One major highlight included meeting in small groups with our US Zone President Paulo Basilio to talk about our progress in the program so far! We also have been preparing for Halloween by organizing costume and decoration contests at both Glenview and Aon. We also met with the Culinary team for their quarterly FoodCast, where we learned about the latest trends in the food industry.

foodcastTrainee Sarah Lyons explores the latest trends at our quarterly FoodCast.

The New Employee Orientation group also organized a trivia lunch for all new employees including trainees where we competed in food trivia over pizza and snacks. Sadly, the CMTP team (team name “Paranormal Snacktivity”) risked it all on the final question but came up short, placing last with zero points. However, we certainly came away winners with how much we learned! Speaking of learning, we attended Fire Extinguisher Safety Training, where we learned the types of fires and corresponding fire extinguishers and even had the chance to put out our own fires!

fireExtinguishing actual fire during safety training!

 Our projects (which are proprietary and thus confidential) are in full swing as we near the halfway point in our second rotations. We’re looking forward to some impactful results (and lots of tastings) in the next few weeks!



Meagan Yeh and Kyle Vachon

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