Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 20 2018

Hey everyone,

This is Allison and Alec here to tell you about Week 20 of the Corporate Management Trainee Program!

Everybody is now fully adjusted into their second rotations and starting to take more ownership of projects and our work. For the first rotation, we were both in Consumer Insights & Strategy roles. Alec was working on innovation for Kraft cheese and Allison was researching the Oscar Mayer master brand. Learning the beginning processes of innovation has given us a better understanding of how things work in our new Category Marketing roles.

Allison is on the salad dressings team and has been busy working with cross functional teams to launch three new brands next year. Get ready to see new options for all your dipping and salad occasions!

Alec has been working on very exciting projects with the Planters team. Did you know they just brought back Cheese Balls? Stayed tuned to hear what other vintage products come back that you might remember!

On Friday, we had our quarterly Brand Building Inspiration Room. All the marketers in the company come together to talk about the latest and greatest things happening in marketing. This time, the Global Brand Build team talked about the new global marketing principles that are being rolled out across the world for Kraft Heinz. There is also a Global Marketing Competition that will be starting in 2019!

Allison & AlecNOON_WHISTLE

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