Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 21 2018

I’m Margot, a recent graduate of Northwestern University and–for two more brief weeks–a member of Kraft Heinz’s Cheese Procurement Team! My interest in food supply chains motivated me to work at Kraft Heinz, and working in Cheese Procurement has provided me with a fascinating peek into how Kraft Heinz’s iconic cheese products flow from cows to grocery stores.

For the past six weeks, I’ve taken on the role of project manager for a cheese commercialization project that’s launching next year. I’ve been excited to stretch beyond the usual boundaries of the Procurement function and work cross-functionally with Kraft Heinz’s R&D, Marketing, Technical Specifications, and Plant teams. Within five months of working at Kraft Heinz, I, alongside my fellow Trainees, have gained a vast network of welcoming colleagues who are invested in helping us complete our projects to make the maximum possible impact.

As this second (and final) rotation wraps up, I’ve also become humbled by my budding SAP expertise, ability to match up three different types of KHC product material codes, and of course, my knowledge of cheese-making. On theme with Thanksgiving this week, I’m very thankful to soon apply all that I’ve learned in my two rotations to my full-time role. Here’s some of what other Trainees are thankful to have learned, too:

Meagan learned how to correctly identify the weight of 9 grams of cheese in her hand.

Courtney learned that Walmart’s refrigerated shelves are 20.25″ deep, while Kroger’s are only 20″ deep!

Kyle learned that maltodextrin is not considered clean label because it has an “x” in it.

Alec learned that PDCA is the backbone of this company.

And Kevin learned that Paolo Basilio (US Zone President) winks a lot.

P.S. Not on theme with Thanksgiving, the 73rd floor is still reveling in its Halloween decoration contest win —


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