Corporate Management Trainee Program Week 22 2018

Hello and welcome to week 22 of the trainee program! My name is Michaela, and I am excited to tell you about the second to last week of the program. For my second rotation, I have been working in co-packaging procurement, which manages relationships with external manufacturers who produce Kraft Heinz products. Specifically, I have been working on mapping the processing capabilities of the manufacturers we currently work with, and comparing them to the processing needs we will have for all of the new products we plan to launch through 2021. Laying out the capabilities of all of our 150 plus external factories has been no small undertaking, but I have got to meet with some incredible people in the process. Maybe the most insightful and exciting piece of my project was meetings with leaders in marketing, who gave me a peek into all the upcoming innovations, so that the co-packaging procurement team could ensure they were accommodating the needs of innovation, so we can get products to the shelves. Without the co-packaging team, new items like Just Crack an Egg would never get to grocery store!

As this week is cut short by Thanksgiving, there are only a number of days left in the second rotation, so everyone is working to put the finishing touches on their project. Personally, I am reaching out to many sales representatives from external manufacturers in the hopes of doing business with them in the future. I had the opportunity to visit the Private Label Manufacturer’s Association trade show, in which sales representatives from manufacturing companies set up booths at a convention center, gave out more free samples than any one person could handle, and advertised the unique food products they could produce for a company like Kraft Heinz. Interacting with external manufacturers and scoping new ones who could meet our business needs was certainly one of the most rewarding pieces of the second rotation. I am looking forward to reporting my findings next week as the program closes. Thank you for checking out week 22 and we hope you will be back for the final week!


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