Business Development Program Week 16 2018

Anna Tovar here again! We are in week 16 of our Business Development Trainee Program. We have been working hard as In Store Sales Partners for the last couple of weeks, as well as working on our individual projects. My project is assessing the effectiveness of Merchandising Objectives for a grocery store chain in Texas. Working as an In Store Partner has given me great insight into how our marketing strategies are executed in stores. I have been able to leverage this insight to better my project, and make recommendations for that banner.Anna 1

I currently call on two different large store chains in Orlando. These chains are very different from each other -as they have different pricing strategies. It has been challenging working with managers from the two different chains, but my relationship building has allowed me to succeed. I was recently asked by the store manager of one of my stores if Kraft Heinz would like to participate in their grand reopening. With this, I was able to oversee a huge Capri Sun branded inflatable and sampling station. It was awesome to see our product stand out compared to other vendors. Kids lined up to take pictures with our blow up!Anna 2

Soon I will be moving to Tampa to work as an analyst in the sales office there. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet many of the people who work in that office while they were planning ad material for a grocery store for October. I was amazed by how welcoming and supportive they were. When we were there the office was holding a Hawaiian Potluck, and everyone was dressed in Hawaiian shirts and brought food. I cannot wait to move to Tampa, and meet more of the people working in that office!Anna 3.jpg

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