Business Development Program Week 17 2018

Hi everyone its Lauren Zisholz checking back in for our 17th week of the Business Development Trainee Program. I am spending my training rotation in Chicago on the North Chi Sales team as an In-Store Partner, and working on my data analytics project in Kraft Heinz’s downtown Chicago headquarters.

BDTP week 9 bridget pic

This weekend I traveled to Minneapolis along with my fellow BDT, Bridget, because both of us will be transferred to the Minneapolis office in early December. During this trip, we looked for apartments and explored our new office, which is in Minneapolis’ tallest and most iconic building, the IDS Center. The IDS Center is located right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. It contains the famous ‘crystal court’ in the lobby, full of fountains, trees, restaurants, and lots of shopping! The IDS Center is connected to The Minneapolis Skyway System, a channel of above ground footbridges that connect 80 city blocks in downtown; meaning during the winter we will rarely have to walk outside in the cold!


In preparation for our move to Minneapolis, the other 2018 trainees and I have communicated with a few past year trainees, who have been extremely helpful during this moving process. The Minneapolis office seems just as excited as we are to make the move into this sales headquarters.

BDTP Week 8 Photo Lauren Z

I will miss Chicago and every co-worker I have become good friends with during my 6-month rotation here, but I am eager to begin my new career as a sales analyst. As always, I am happy to be working for the best food company growing a better world!


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