Business Development Program Week 19 2018

Welcome to week 19 of the Business Development blog! I’m Kerri Hogarth writing to you from the Pittsburgh area.

Kerri WEek 19 Pic

This week has been primarily making sure things are in place for the upcoming Thanksgiving power window. It is our job to ensure that all the Halloween candy displays throughout the store will be turned into displays of Heinz gravy and Stove Top stuffing. The stores change from spooky to holidays overnight, so it’s important to be prepared. As my time in Pittsburgh is coming to an end, I’ve started informing some of my managers that I will be leaving soon to start my role as an Analyst in a Sales Office. I expected them to make jokes about me not bothering them anymore or ask about my replacement. Instead, they’ve genuinely expressed they’re bummed to hear I’m leaving and will miss having me around.


In terms of our project, things are really starting to come together. We were able to connect with a previous trainee over the past few weeks who works in the Pittsburgh area. He was extremely helpful in answering some of the questions we’ve been struggling with. We also had the opportunity to present our work so far to our team at our last monthly team meeting. They seemed impressed with the work we had done so far and also gave us some feedback from their experiences in the field.


I’m looking forward to seeing how our last few weeks as Business Development Trainees come together. That’s all for now!


Kerri Hogarth

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