Business Development Program Week 20 2018

Hi all, Emily Hausler here to give you an update on life as a Business Development Trainee!

Emily Blog 20 pic.jpg

Pittsburgh has been a wonderful experience, and I can’t believe that our time here is ending soon. During my time, I have been afforded the opportunity to attend multiple sporting events, indulge in amazing cuisine, and check out neat museums. However, the best thing about living in Pittsburgh is experiencing the Fall season. Since I went to school in Florida, I haven’t experienced Fall in the last four years, and I have enjoyed being in the north for the seasonal transition. A couple weeks ago, Maggie, Kerri and I went apple picking at an apple orchard. In addition to the apple picking, there were various activities, food trucks, and a phenomenal farmers market! Overall, my time in Pittsburgh has truly been invaluable and I have enjoyed this charming city.


As for the trainee portion, the Business Development Trainee Program is divided into two parts; the In-Store Partner Role and a data analytics project. I support two large grocery chains, with a data analytics focus. The unique thing about the program is that, as we simultaneously work on the analytics project and the ISP role, each one enhances the experience of the other. During my role as an ISP, I have gained invaluable insight through talking to other ISPs, Regional/Associate Managers, and my store managers. This field knowledge works in tandem with the data analytics, and allows me to refine and enhance my project, making it multidimensional. Conversely, my project provides me with a better understanding of the banner, and therefore, allows me to be more effective as an ISP.


We are currently in the process of finishing up our last few weeks in the field, and with that comes the beginning of the Thanksgiving power window. The longer I’ve been in stores, I can see the relationships that I’ve cultivated with my store’s employees truly come to fruition. Relational development is not easy, and requires patience and persistence, but through those relationships comes the reward of providing value to the store through incremental sales, closing gaps, and building displays.


In three weeks, all the Business Development trainees will be back in Chicago to conclude the first portion of the trainee program and present our final projects. I am excited to be back in HQ and reconnect with the rest of my cohort!

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