Business Development Program Week 22 2018

Hello everyone it’s John Andraschko checking in from New Jersey. It is hard to believe that we are already wrapping up our time in the field this week! It is a bittersweet feeling. I am sad to be saying good bye to my outstanding New Jersey North team, but I am excited to meet everyone at the Minneapolis sales office.

After five months going to stores, the entire BDTP class are transitioning to our new analyst roles in one of Kraft Heinz’s four sales offices. This past week I worked with my ISP Tim who will be taking over my territory to ensure a smooth transition during the Thanksgiving power window.

Next week all BDTP’s will be back in Chicago to present our findings about which displays drive sales during power windows. I am very excited to present our findings to senior leadership and to see the rest of my BDTP colleagues before we go to one of Kraft Heinz sales offices in Minneapolis, Tampa, Rogers, and Cincinnati.

Overall, the past five months have been an incredible start to my career at Kraft Heinz and I am looking forward to my next step as an analyst at the Minneapolis office where Bridget, Kerri, and Lauren will be joining me. john 20 pic.jpg

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