Business Development Program Week 21

Hello all! Julie Keighley writing to you again from Northern New Jersey. In my previous blog post, I talked about how my team was wrapping up the Labor Day power window. This week, we started in our next power window: Thanksgiving. My team is focusing on setting up incremental displays and making sure our stores are ready for the upcoming holiday.

Julie BDTP pic

Last week I had one of my final coaching reports with my manager. This gave me the opportunity to reflect on how much I’ve improved as an In Store Partner since July. I could see the impact that I’ve had over the past several months in my stores, and my manager gave me suggestions to continue to improve.

With only one week left in the trainee program, I’ve spent a lot of time refining the data for my presentation. I’ve also completed some of the online courses offered to Kraft Heinz employees. These courses taught me ways to better present my data and tell my story.

It’s hard to believe that the program is already coming to an end. I’m excited to present what I’ve learned through my data analysis and my experience as an ISP to the sales team when I return to Chicago in two weeks. I can’t wait to see all of the BDTPs back in Chicago!

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