Business Development Trainee Program Week 13 2018

Kerri Hogarth here from the BDTP group in the Pittsburgh area! I’m from Michigan and went to the University of Michigan, so this is my first time living in a new state. So far in my time here, I’ve experienced Steelers football games, staple Pittsburgh restaurants and visited main attractions in and near the city. This week, Maggie, Emily and I were able to see a different side of Pittsburgh with a hike on Mount Washington. We walked up and down steep hills and ended with a breathtaking view of the city. We’re slowly making our way through our Pittsburgh bucket list, but still have plenty left that we want to see and do.Kerri Blog Photo


As for my in-store experience, the week was full of ups and downs. On Monday, I wasn’t able to get to 6 of my stores due to flooding, closed roads and power outages caused by heavy rain. Despite the weather related obstacles in the beginning of the week, I had two exceptional wins for the week. In one of my stores I was able to sell in a 4-sided display of football related items including condiments, mac & cheese and Velveeta cheese. We even topped it off with an inflatable goal post. In one of my other stores I was able to get the co-manager to order more of a seasonal Kool-Aid product just in time for Halloween and product for a Velveeta cheese display off of LAG. There’s still much more to learn during my time in Pittsburgh, but I am certainly becoming more comfortable with each and every day.

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