Business Development Trainee Program Week 14 2018

This is Maggie Crowe, one of the Business Development Trainees coming at you from Pittsburgh for the Week 14 Update! I’m originally from Rochester, Michigan and just graduated in May from Indiana University Bloomington. My time in the program here in Pittsburgh has been better than I ever could’ve hoped, and it’s weird to think that our time in the In Store Partner rotation is coming to an end in just a couple months. My roommates/fellow trainees and I have experienced and learned so much working here, but at the same time have really come to know and appreciate the Heinz legacy market that we now call home. We’ve hiked, shopped, explored, experienced the booming restaurant scene, gone to Pirates games and Steelers games, traveled a little bit, and this week went to the Eli Young Band concert!


This week, we had our monthly team meeting with the other Pittsburgh ISPs as well as our Regional Manager to review the most recent successes and failures in our grocery banners and how to improve upon them. I’m extremely grateful to have been able to work alongside such talented people who have become our good friends, in addition to making our ISP rotation extremely educational and beneficial. They’ve also been immensely helpful in our HQ Analytics Project that we work on 1-2 days a week. This coming week is when we have our 2nd Checkpoint for the project and we’ve been very busy refining and building upon our final recommendations and working with analysts from around the country to build a valuable and insightful presentation. It’s been great being able to see just how applicable our In Store experiences have been with presenting more robust findings for the HQ Project.


That’s all for now- go Steelers!

MaggieMaggie Week 14 Blog Photo

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