Business Development Trainee Program Week 15 2018

Hello Everyone,


It has been an exciting 3 months in Central Jersey. I have learned so much from the In Store Partner experience that has prepared me for my future Analyst Role. This past week I completed my second checkpoint for our HQ Analysis project. Each trainee has been assigned a banner to create a power window strategy that drives consumption for our In Store Sales force. I have learned a wealth of knowledge including a greater understanding of our data systems and retail strategy. It has been a great experience to be involved in the planning process for Q4 including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, to the HQ project I have been working on a display execution playbook for stores to empower our ISP’s to have an even greater impact in stores.


Also, this week I completed my second joint coaching report with Preston Dominy (Fellow Central Jersey Trainee). During coaching reports, we are able to complete a store walk with our Associate Manager where we are evaluated on Displays, On Shelf Availability, and Feature & Display compliance. Joint coaching reports have empowered us to share best practices as well as jointly learn how to solve issues that may impact other stores. For example, in one of my Stores there is an end cap of Lunchables products and because of that display the home location is often wiped out. During the coaching report, I was able to work my Area Manager and Preston on possible remedies one of which was to increase the base order.


Lastly, it has been an incredible experience to work with a company that’s committed to helping our communities. This year, the Carolinas were hit especially hard during Hurricane Season and Kraft Heinz stepped in aiding the Red Cross reaffirming why they are the best food company, growing a better world.



Charrae BDTP photo


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