Intern Program 2019- Week 1

Wow, what a first week as a  Intern at Kraft Heinz! I’m Alena, an intern on the Category Marketing team for Meals. I joined my team during their Monthly Performance Review week, which meant absorbing graphs, charts, and a load of acronyms that outlined our team’s successes and challenges. My time was split between understanding the priorities of the team and having 1:1 meetings with key people on my team. By the end of the week, I was ready to dive head first into my project, which focuses on specifying a growth strategy for the Meals team.

Perhaps my favorite part of the internship thus far has been my intern cohort. Between watching basketball on our apartment building’s roof top, taking Chicago’s iconic Architecture Tour together, and walking to work together every morning, we’ve already become friends and look forward to hanging out with each other!

I cannot believe this week is already over and am so excited about the ones to come!

CMIP_Week 1_Alena Rajwani

Hi my name is Kelsey, and I’m a Food Science major at Cornell University.

My first week at Kraft Heinz was like flying through an exciting tornado of cheesy noodles and delicious ketchup. Just kidding about the noodles and ketchup, but the exciting tornado part is true.

I am working on the technical platforms team in research and development in the Glenview office of Kraft Heinz. My team creates the pipeline of innovation for the future of the company, and our work is nothing short of fascinating. This 5-person team works with business units across the company to solve big issues and strategize the implementation of up and coming technologies that have yet to touch the food market. We are pushing the limits of food innovation at a corporate scale and driving the implementation of company wide solutions to some of the toughest technical challenges in our products.

I am learning so much everyday interacting with coworkers across a vast variety of products lines. My project has the potential to effect hundreds of products at Kraft Heinz and I am responsible for setting up the framework for its continuation after my 10 weeks here. As an intern I know my work will impact the future of the company in a huge, meaningful way. What more could you ask for?

Living and working in the Chicagoland area has been a great experience so far, and I know this summer is going to fly by. The  Intern cohort is a great group of intellectual innovators with diverse ways of thought and experiences. Each person exudes a level of confidence, ownership, and curiosity that is rare. The University Relations Team at Kraft Heinz has not only identified these people but is training us and giving us the resources to succeed in our summer projects and far beyond. The summer has just started, and I can already see the impact it will have on my future career.

CMIP_Week 1_Photo 2

My name is Varun and I go to Northwestern University, but most recently work at Kraft Heinz on a sales promotion strategy for our meats and cheeses! Week one of the Internship Program started off full speed with a week full of orientation activities, meeting our managers, learning more about our projects, and exploring Chicago via a scavenger hunt.

In my short time here, I have met with 30+ members of my unit to understand their role and where my project fits in. I learned how to use advanced databases to present strong cases to management and have tried so many new Kraft Heinz products. One of the most rewarding experiences has been the opportunity to get to know the other 30 summer interns. Their intelligence, passion, and energy have made us a close bunch within the first week.

I am excited to make headway on my project and get to know Kraft Heinz, the other interns, and Chicago even better in the next 9 weeks!

CMIP_Week 1_Photo 1

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