Trainee Program 2019- Week 1

Hi y’all, Bri Kessler signing on for 2019’s first blog post! I am originally from the great state of Texas, but Chicago won me over while I attended Northwestern University. I could not be more excited to be joining Kraft Heinz as a Trainee. Last summer, CPG brand-building and innovation became a passion of mine during my internship with a media agency, and to now be on the brand-side is an absolute dream.

CMTP_Week 1_Photo 1.jpg

While meeting 27 new cohort trainee friends this week, I mingled with past Trainee participants, competed in a CPG board game simulation, threw some axes, ate way too many quesadillas at the meet-and-greet, and heard from impressive KHC senior leaders.

CMTP_Week 1_Photo 2


On day 2, hearing from the Global Head of Government Affairs at KHC, is the perfect example of the ownership, trust, and visibility Kraft Heinz gives to its newest employees. Furthermore, connecting with the Chief Learning Officer, a fellow Northwestern wildcat, to discuss her newest efforts in her role at Kraft Heinz, is something that I cannot imagine being able to do during week one anywhere else.

As week two quickly approaches, I am reminded of something that the Chief Learning Officer said to our cohort that pertained to the goals we have all set for ourselves during the coming weeks: “when you are committed to learning…you can do anything.” Keeping that in mind, I am looking forward to learning more from my fellow trainees and KHC!

Talk soon,

Bri Kessler

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