Intern Program 2019- Week 1

Hi everyone! My name is Abby Thomas, and I’m checking in from Cincinnati, Ohio! It’s week 1 in the  Intern Program, and I know my fellow interns and I have been so excited begin the internship program.

Over the past few days, I settled into my new city and office, and jumped into the Shopper Marketing team here in Cincinnati. My knowledge of Kraft Heinz, our customers, and the CPG industry has already grown tremendously after only a couple days in the office. I have enjoyed learning about our rapport with grocers, and how we maintain those relationships while supporting our brands and innovations. I am excited to continue to learn about our role as a sales branch, and to begin my individual intern project on the Shopper Marketing team.

My fellow Cincinnati intern, Kendall, and I had the opportunity this week to connect with all the directors in our office to better understand their individual roles and the Business Units they coordinate. In addition to our in-office experience, we also were able to step outside the office and take store walks through different grocers in our area to further understand how and where our products are displayed in stores, as well as promotions and marketing tactics Kraft Heinz employs to promote our brands and bolster our products. It was great seeing the varying shopping experiences provided by each grocery store, as well as understanding the impact each regional sales office has in making our products available on the shelf for consumers.

It’s been an exciting first week in the Program. I can’t wait to continue exploring the city of Cincinnati—enjoying a Reds game and the abundance of restaurants options. I am eager for the summer ahead and to embrace all the wonderful opportunities and resources at Kraft Heinz!


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