Trainee Program 2019- Week 1

Braelyn.pngHi Everyone! This is Braelyn here reporting back on our first week of training. I was very nervous, but also excited to finally meet my fellow Trainees!

Our first day ended up being not as intimidating as I had anticipated because I was able to meet a lot of the Trainees the night before we started at an organized dinner at Chicago’s famous Giordano’s. At the office, we played fun ice breakers and were given some awesome KHC Swag such as branded backpacks and stainless-steel mugs. We ended our first work day by playing card games at the hotel and munching on left-over pizza.

During the week we listened to many more presentations regarding different job functions. Each trainee was able to participate in a product pitch competition. Hannah, one of trainee program’s very own, made the masses salivate at her funny and persuading MR. PEANUT™ pitch. Other notable pitches included an ode to the KOOL-AID Man “Oh, Yeah!” and HP Fruity Sauce. We got to wrap up our second day with a trainee happy hour! This was one of my favorite activities because we were able to mingle with all the trainee cohorts.

This week has been very informational and eye opening to the business of Kraft Heinz. A representative from each business unit spoke to us and we all got more hype about sauces than we ever thought we would. We also got to learn about the amazing new innovations in play such as Just Crack an Egg and Fruit Love. As another bonding activity we did a zombie escape room with the trainees. We were able to escape with our lives with just 3 minutes to spare!

At the end of the week, we were able to deep dive into innovation at the Kraft Heinz R&D center. We got a pilot plant tour and a sensory lab tour, and even got to see the machine and molds where they make SpongeBob Mac and Cheese!

It’s only week one and we have already done and seen so much! I get increasingly more excited to start our roles each day! Thanks for listening and check back for updates weekly from our other Trainees!

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