Trainee Program 2019- Week 1

Your first day of work is unforgettable. Akshay.jpgIt is your first step into the real world and naturally you have a lot of expectations. Part of you wants to walk in and start planning how you are going to become CEO, and another part wants you to just not mess up. Although I did have a lot of nerves, my first week at Kraft Heinz was great. The week began with the Manufacturing Trainees meeting each other at Giordano’s for Chicago-style pizza. After getting enough leftover pizza to last a week, we were all ready for our first week. The first week was filled with many activities and many presentations.

Some of the highlights of the week during work included informative presentations on marketing and meeting HR leads. We also met brand managers of many different divisions. We learned how to properly strategize for each different product and understood what it takes to properly run a CPG company. One of the coolest activities that we did was a CPG simulation where groups split up and tried to win by getting the highest ROA. At the end of the week, we went to the Glenview Research & Development Center and learned what it takes to innovate and make new products. However, this week was not just all work. We had many fun team bonding activities including happy hours and Axe-Throwing. On the weekend, we explored Chicago and were able to take advantage of the free Chicago Zoo. I am excited to say that the first week of the 2019  program has been finished and I am excited for many more fun and challenging weeks ahead. If any future trainees are reading this, I hope you relish this program.

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