Intern Program 2019- Week 2

Hello from Minneapolis! My name is Zack Heustess. There are so many amazing people who work in the office! Especially our resident “Fun Squad” who helped our onboarding process go by extremely smooth. This included store walkthroughs in local grocers and an office-wide cheese tasting of new products launching soon. The team here has done a great job of welcoming us into their work family and making sure we are set up for a successful summer.

Huestess 1.jpg

One thing that I have quickly learned is how seriously Kraft Heinz practices their core principle of “Ownership”. After receiving my initial project & software overviews, coworkers encouraged me to take control of my learning for the summer by running reports and testing my own hypothesis. Thanks to this strategy I have already made tremendous progress on my project and am looking forward to maximizing my time here.


Outside the office, the Minneapolis interns figured that the best way to learn about Kraft Heinz’s product is by doing what all college students love to do, eating them. So far we have managed to consume 4 bags of OSCAR MAYER sandwich meat, 4 DEVOUR & Benihana’s frozen meals, 2 boxes of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese, 2 bottles of HEINZ Ketchup, 2 packets of Sharkleberry Fin & Blueberry KOOL AID drink, 2 bottles of CLASSICO Alfredo sauce and 2 bowls of JUST CRACK AN EGG. I think it is safe to say that college students are big fans of Kraft Heinz products.

In addition to the many intern dinners so far, I have also been able to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summers. Living two blocks away from the Mississippi River is perfect for afternoon runs that guarantee a scenic view.

Looking forward, we have an exciting couple of weeks coming up. This week the office is taking the interns to our first Minnesota baseball game, the team holds the best record in the American League this season! Inside the office, we are preparing for the July 4th Power Window which we will be spending in stores. This time will be a great opportunity to connect what we are learning in the office to sales execution in stores.

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