Trainee Program 2019- Week 2


Hey everyone—the biggest MR. PEANUT fan here—I wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going on with our “nuts” business development trainee group! This week was definitely one for the books. As it was our last week of training we wanted to make the most of it. Monday we had the honor of being a part of welcoming our new CEO to the company. It was a really awesome moment for us to be a part of!

Later in the week, we had the opportunity to see more of what we would be doing in our In store experiences in the Chicago area stores. We had a lot of fun exploring the fun smelling backrooms, checking out and building displays and admiring the one and only MAYOCHUP condiment.

The next day we had the biggest competition of the century…who could put up two merchandise displays the fastest. Many paper cuts and bruises later, another trainee won first place. Graciously, he decided to donate his prize to all of us, a beautiful can of PLANTERS CHEEZ balls. It was delicious!

longwill 2

After training, some of us decided to adventure around good ole’ Chi Town. A major theme of these adventures were thunderstorms and food. A brave bunch decided to take bikes out and head to the science museum. One hour later we arrived! One of the other trainees guided us to the agriculture center of the museum…His internal Kansas magnet just naturally brought us there; it was truly magical. Another day we decided to take head to a baseball game. Nothing like a tasty Chicago dog and some quality people for a night out on the town.

To finish off training we had an awesome opportunity to package food for Rise Against Hunger. It was exciting to see how great we looked in our stylish hair nets, but mostly to see how amazing it is that we are working for a company that truly cares and wants to give back to the world. We were alternating rice, spice, nutrients and soy all to the beat of music. We packaged over 11,000 meals! It was so cool to see how much of an impact we have.

To wrap it up, there are three main things I’m going to miss about training and Chicago. First off, the delicious, cheesy, saucy deep-dish pizza. Second, the awesome rentable bikes that carried us around the Lakeshore path and through many thunderstorms. Lastly and mostly, the people! I had such a great time in Chicago and enjoyed meeting everyone in the program and at the office. Thank you so much for a good time and an awesome training KHC, until graduation Chicago! longwill 1

— Hannah Longwill- the biggest MR. PEANUT fan


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